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    ▲ Easy to lift,transport and tilt 55 gallon drum. 
    ▲ Available to carry the drum to rack (lower than 1350mm). 
    ▲ Tilt the drum 120° for emptying liquid. 
    ▲ Compact and reliable mechanical system fo fix drum. 
    ▲ It can lock a drum in vertical position to avoid spills or horizontal position for draining. 
    ▲ Position for draining through a faucet. 
    ▲ Easily lift with pedal when unloading.
    Hu-LIFT NO. Model No. Capacity(kg) Drum Size Lifting Height(mm) Rear Castor Dia.xWid.(mm) Net Weight(kg)
    1710801 DA40A 400 572 mm, 210 Liters 1350 180x50 190
    1710802 DA40B 400 572 mm, 210 Liters 1350 180x50 190
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